Terms and conditions

§ 1
Spidersworld.eu is an online shop owned by Jarosław Pałasz  (Gombrowicza 6, 30-699 Kraków, Poland). Terms and conditions define the terms of transactions in SpidersWorld.eu shop.

§ 2
SpidersWorld.eu is an online shop where registered users can buy terraristic animals, feeding animals and terraristic accessories.

§ 3
1. To shop on Spiderworld.eu, cookies files must be accepted by the user’s browser.
2. The service works in properly configured Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or any other up-to-date and properly configured browser.

§ 4
1. To place an order you need to register on the shop website or use an option of buying without logging in, and then fill in a form on the page.
2. The order is realized by choosing a proper animal or item, size and number of items and clicking “Add to the cart”. After the confirmation the User is asked to enter the website of choosing the method of payment and delivery.
3. You can collect the order on your own in Kraków in a set place and time without any additional charge.
4. The order can be also delivered to the address indicated by the Purchaser for an additional fee specified in the delivery price list. Choosing the form of delivery is possible after completing an order.
5. After placing an order the Purchaser will receive a confirmation e-mail.
6. Items are sent on Mondays.
7. Live arrival is not guarantee.

§ 5
1. Purchaser– a consumer who made an agreement remotely can withdraw from the agreement without any reason setting the statement in writing in ten days from the date of delivery. It is enough to send a statement before the expiring date.
2. In case of making use of privileges mentioned in Item1 of this paragraph, the Purchaser– consumer is obliged to send back delivered order in the same condition (especially in case of animals, they must be sent back to the receiver in a safe way) and Spidersworld.eu returns payment on the Purchaser’s – consumer’s bank account.

§ 6
1. When the item is different from the ordered one, the Purchaser has the right to replace the item with the ordered one or a new one.
2. Spidersworld.eu covers all expenses of sending back the ordered goods.
3. Complaints are considered within 14 days. When the complaint is accepted a new item is sent to the Purchaser. In case the complaint is not accepted, SpidersWorld.eu sends the item subjected to the complain at the User’s costs.
4. When the ordered item is not available but not faulty, Spidersworld.eu informs the Purchaser via e-mail or phone. According to the Purchaser’s choice – the payment will be returned on their bank account or a different item chosen by the Purchaser will be sent at this price.

§ 7
Currency conversions are estimated and should be used for informational purposes only.